Penny Pokies

The Slotbase team play a lot of pokies while we dream of winning the big one but in this day and age when almost everyone is on a tight budget it's often not always practical, possible or suitable to spending large sums of money on slots games. This is where the penny pokies come in handy - penny slots are ideal for anyone who doesn't want to spend big sums of money.

As the name implies, penny slots give players the chance to bet for exactly one penny (or one cent). Most online casinos offer these penny slots as they are a popular choice with players, however you should be aware that part of the appeal of penny slots to casino operators is that they can quite happily and patiently suck pennies from your purse or wallet (real or virtual) for as long as you're prepared to keep handing them over - never forget that even pennies can add to quite a few pounds or dollars over a long enough time span.

Below you can see some our recommended penny pokies, divided by software type. This is just a small selection of penny slots so visit any of our recommended casinos to discover what's on offer.

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