Java Pokies

Java powered pokies are very similar to Flash powered pokies (typically, to the player they look and play in an identical fashion). Java based slots are great as - just like Flash powered slots - there's no need to download and install any casino software onto your computer. This page contains a brief overview of the java platform and java pokies.

What is Java?

According to the dudes at, Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Java should not be confused with javascript.

Do I need Java on my computer to play Java slots?

Yes, absolutely. Just as Flash player is necessary to run Flash powered pokies so you'll need to have Java on your computer to play Java pokie games. If you do not have Java installed on your computer the games wont run.

Where do I download Java?

To download the latest version of Java just visit The Java download is totally free and it takes only a couple of minutes to set up.

Java and Mobile Casinos

Some casinos offer java based games for players using mobile phones and tablets. Microgaming powered casinos such as JackpotCity and ComeOn! offer java based games for mobile devices that do not support Flash. If you're interested in playing pokie games on your portable device then check out our mobile pokies page for more information.

Try Free Java Pokies is a great website if you'd like to try some free Java slots games to play.

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